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It was inevitable, we suppose. Just two weeks ahead of Sony's E3 2016 press conference, No Man's Sky appears to have been hit with another delay. The information comes straight from the game's media page on, so we'd say that it's pretty much official. You can probably expect some sort of statement from Sony or developer Hello Games next week.

A couple of days ago, a rumour sprung up suggesting that a delay was on the cards, and here we are. According to the aforementioned webpage, No Man's Sky is now slated for release on the 9th August - it's unclear whether that's a worldwide date or if it only applies to North America.

Are you disappointed with this new date, or are you prepared to wait? Climb out of your ship and trudge back into the comments section below.

Update: Founder of Hello Games Sean Murray has taken to the PlayStation Blog to confirm that No Man's Sky has indeed been delayed into August. According to Murray, the delay will ensure that "key moments" will be polished and brought to expected standards.

What's more, we've now been given defined release dates for each region. North America will be getting it on the 9th August - as mentioned above - Europe will get it on the 10th August, and the UK will have to wait until the 12th August. Bit of a bummer, that.

"For all our sakes though, we get one shot to make this game and we can't mess it up," Murray's post concludes. Honestly, we don't envy Hello Games right now - the pressure must be immense.