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Don't believe everything you see

As we've written a couple of times now, there's no reason to believe that Sucker Punch is making a Spider-Man game other than the fact that it sounds like a match made in Marvel heaven. But that's not stopped people from losing their minds over a fake Amazon screenshot which was posted by PSU earlier today and has found its way onto NeoGAF. It's not real, so just chill.

The rumour purports that Sucker Punch is working with Sanzaru Games to bring remastered versions of the original inFAMOUS games to the PlayStation 4. That's feasible, but a $59.98 price tag seems steep. Even more questionably, the supposed box art includes a Spider-Man logo, suggesting that you'll get access to a pre-release demo if you pick up the package.

Of course, it's all completely fake. There's no evidence of this listing having ever existed, and it's certainly not online right now. Moreover, the release date is listed as 10th August, which is a Wednesday – a strange day for an American launch. In other words, don't believe what you read around the web – this is complete and utter bull.

That doesn't, of course, rule out the possibility of Sucker Punch working on a Spider-Man game, but there's simply no evidence to corroborate that rumour at all right now. Yes, Shuhei Yoshida may be playing with PlayStation fans on Twitter regarding this, but do you think he'd be teasing if the inFAMOUS maker really was working on a Spider-Man game? No.

[source psu.com, via neogaf.com]