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It's been quiet for over a year now, so plenty of attention is starting to be placed on Sucker Punch – the studio behind PlayStation hits such as inFAMOUS and Sly Cooper. Nobody really knows what the developer's up to, but its recruitment page does contain a few hints. According to a Senior Graphics Programmer listing its next project will be "spectacular" and it's looking for folks with "open world" experience. A new inFAMOUS, then?

Possibly, but rumours are swirling regarding a potential Spider-Man project that Sony may have in the works, and we can't think of a better fit than the Seattle-based studio. Interestingly, a Character Artist listing requests that candidates have a "strong understanding of the history of costume design". Hmmm. There's still not enough to link Sucker Punch to the Marvel superhero really, but we're starting to wish that this would happen, honestly.

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