Stardew Valley PS4 PlayStation 4 1

This is an announcement that your humble host has been hungry to hear: Stardew Valley could be coming to the PlayStation 4. For those of you who've been living under a boulder the size of a small city, this one-man indie farming sim has been breaking all kinds of sales records since its debut on the PC earlier in the year – and we've been waiting patiently for news of a release on Sony's new-gen system ever since.

The title's heavily inspired by Harvest Moon, and sees you cultivating crops, while also forging relationships with nearby townspeople. In an update on the game's official website, creator Eric Barone confirmed that console ports are in the pipeline, with Brit organisation Chucklefish likely to handle the conversions. Is this a title that you'd like to dig into on your PS4? Sow your seed in the comments section below.