Dark Souls III Estus Shard Locations Where to Find PS4 PlayStation 4 Guides

If you're coming from Bloodborne, then Dark Souls III's limited use Estus Flask may be proving something of a wake-up call. Fortunately, you can upgrade the number of uses that your magical Thermos has by collecting Estus Shards and presenting them to Andre the Blacksmith. There are eleven Estus Shards in the game, enabling for a total of 15 flask uses. However, if you do happen to miss one, they respawn in New Game + and all of your existing upgrades carry across.

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High Wall of Lothric

Bonfire: Tower on the Wall

Head down the tower and out through the archway onto the rooftop area. Run across the rooftop and take the ladder down, before entering the room directly to the left of the ladder you've climbed down. There's a knight in here so do your best to avoid him, then run down the corridor he came from and take the steps to the right. You'll end up in a room with dogs and other enemies, but you should see a glowing white orb in the font at the back of the room. There's your Estus Shard.

Bonfire: Dancer of the Boreal Valley

You won't be able to get this one until you beat the Dancer of the Boreal Valley, so move on if you're not that far in the game yet. If you are, then head up the ladder directly in front of the bonfire go up the stairs to left and across the walkway until you happen upon the lift. Jump off about halfway, and follow the walkway down the stairs until you happen upon a slumped body with an Estus Shard.

Undead Settlement

Bonfire: Undead Settlement

Quite a straightforward one to find. Head through the house directly ahead of the bonfire, come out onto the balcony, and drop down to the area with the big bonfire. You'll find various villagers praying, with a fat, Cathedral Evangelist right at the front. See all of the enemies off, and you'll find the Estus Shard sitting at the base of the fire.

Road of Sacrifices

Bonfire: Crucifixion Woods

Go directly forwards from the bonfire towards the castle-like building with the hole in its wall. Instead of going through and fighting the sorcerers, though, go to the left and run up the side of the building. Eventually you'll reach a couple of enemies with sticks and a long drop. Fall down and you should see a body slumped against the wall holding an item. Pillage its remains for another Estus Shard.

Bonfire: Farron Keep

Head out from the bonfire into the marshy area and right in the centre of the environment you should happen upon a fallen tower. Directly in front of it is another Estus Shard.

Cathedral of the Deep

Bonfire: Cleansing Chapel

This one's really easy to find. Head out from the Cleansing Chapel bonfire and up the slight incline where four villagers are praying huddled around a plinth. Kill them before they have time to get to their feet, and then snatch up the Estus Shard that they're huddled around.

Catacombs of Carthus

Bonfire: Demon Ruins

Travel to the Demon Ruins bonfire and head directly down the stairs. Turn right and run through the room and then turn left into the corridor that opens up. Jump across the ledge at the end (remember, you need to run then press L3 to leap) and you'll nab another Estus Shard.

Irthyll Dungeon

Bonfire: Irthyll Dungeon

Head to the Irthyll Dungeon and run directly down the corridor until you can turn right. Now, at your first left, head through the archway where two sorcerers are and over the bridge. Go left through the iron door and fall down into the tunnel. Run down it ensuring to avoid prisoners in their cells. Go down the steps and continue right, through the archway and into the room with the Mimic (or treasure chest) inside. Kill it to secure your prize.

Irthyll of the Boreal Valley

Bonfire: Anor Londo

Go up the stairs, through the double doors, and hug the left wall. There's a chest opposite the lever that you used to operate the main doors. This one's not a Mimic, so you're free to open it and nab your prize.

Lothric Castle

Bonfire: Grand Archives

Directly from the bonfire, go up the stairs that lead to the lift. Take it to the top, and then head out as if you're going to take the walkway to the adjacent turret. However, once you've exited the archway, stop, turn around, and take the stair case to the right of the door you just came through. You should come out beside a domed roof. Cut through the broken palings directly ahead and run up the roof until you reach some stairs. Take them up and come right out of the second archway exit. You should enter a large roof area, with a slumped body right at the end. Pillage the corpse for another Estus Shard.

Firelink Shrine

Bonfire: Firelink Shrine

This one requires you to buy the Key to the Tower which costs an enormous 20,000 souls, so you may want to save it until towards the end of the game. The Shrine Handmaid is the person that you need to speak to to purchase this – she's sitting on the chair in the archway between the Fire Keeper and Andre. Once you've bought the key, head to the upper-right most area to find the tower. Unlock it and go up the twisting stair case. Half cross the bridge, then carefully drop down to the roof below. Run towards the end of the building and drop down. There's a small staircase you can take up back into the Firelink Shrine. Run around the edge and carefully take the bridge across. You should see the Estus Shard on a dead body slumped over the edge.