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GameStop, the specialist US retailer, is making a move into god's honest video game publishing – and it's signing up some familiar names to help make its charge. Regular readers will already know that Insomniac Games is on board, with its underwater adventure Song of the Deep due out on the PlayStation 4 later this year. However, the Ratchet & Clank maker will be joined by Ready at Dawn, Frozenbyte, and Tequila Works.

The latter is especially interesting as it just re-acquired the rights to RIME from Sony, so could the title re-emerge under the stewardship of GameStop's new venture? The initiative, named GameTrust, will essentially see the outlet publishing titles on both digital storefronts and physically in its 6,200 stores. The firm's saying that it's not involved with the creative process – it just wants to help independent developers reach a bigger audience.

"GameTrust will revolutionize the game development and distribution process by offering a new way for independent developers to create and introduce their own intellectual property to a broad gaming audience and for gamers to discover and enjoy exclusive new video game experiences," the organisation said. We suppose that it makes sense for all parties: GameStop gets exclusives for its stores, while smaller developers get unprecedented retail presence.

New developers and games will apparently be announced over the coming weeks and months, so watch this space.