Float away

This author took a few hours out today to work on super-secret-not-really-that-interesting-behind-the-scenes stuff, and he's returned to an industry in flames. Indeed, not only has Mass Effect Andromeda been discussed in a venue outside of Twitter, but Ratchet & Clank creator Insomniac Games has jumped into bed with… US retailer GameStop to make a new release named Song of the Deep.

Unfortunately, this isn't a riff on that infamous episode of The Simpsons – you know the one – but… Sigh, a Metroidvania set under the sea instead. You'll pilot a submarine in the game, which looks a little bit like Gravity Crash crossed with Ecco the Dolphin. It's due out this summer and will be available from either the PlayStation Store or as a physical copy exclusively from GameStop. Weird. The game looks a bit meh to be honest.

[source blog.eu.playstation.com]