These days, there's a game for just about every occasion. Whether you're up for blasting evil aliens or solving quirky puzzles, the PlayStation 4's library has a lot of variety - and the flood of new digital titles just never seems to end.

China's getting in on the action now, too, with Tianjin based developer Oasis Games bringing KOI to Sony's latest console at some point this spring. The relaxing, colourful puzzler is actually the first PS4 game to be developed in China, and it looks like it could be quite a nice little experience if its initial screenshots are anything to go by.

Unsurprisingly, you play as a lone Koi carp, and you're tasked with bringing light back to a dark and dangerous pond. It sounds as though small puzzles and exploration will make up most of the gameplay, but clearly the title's going for a serene feel - it might be worth keeping an eye on if you're the type who likes to chill out and forget the world.


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