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At what point does smoke signal a fire? Crash Bandicoot has been hinted heavily for the PlayStation 4 ever since the start of the generation, and while Shawn Layden's shirt troll was the biggest tease yet, the platform holder is showing no signs of stopping this trend. It's the social media team of PlayStation Middle East who are latest to join the party, tweeting a picture of the marsupial alongside the slogan: "Most wanted person… Where are you Crash?"

To be fair, this probably means nothing, as the community manager who posted it is likely just trying to tap in to the hype surrounding the character. Said specialist also used an image of the redesigned 'Coot, so they get no brownie points from us. But could this actually happen? Surely there's a way Sony and Activision could make this work – there seems to be more than enough interest these days.

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