Power Glove PlayStation 4 VR Virtual Reality 1

They do say that everything comes full-circle eventually, so if PlayStation VR is merely a next-gen Virtual Boy, then we suppose that it makes sense for Sony to be planning a Power Glove alternative, too. A patent filed by SCEA shortly after the announcement of Project Morpheus in 2014 suggests that the company's at least considered the addition of mittens to its nascent VR drive, with the firm filing documentation for a device known as a glove interface object.

According to the paperwork, these wearables would use glowing lights similar to the PlayStation Move and motion sensors to track wrist positioning and hand locations, and would even be able to identify flexes on a single finger. Haptic feedback would add some tactility to your actions, while a pressure sensor would be able to both detect when your hand clenches – and how hard. This would all work in combination with a device like PlayStation VR to provide an even more immersive experience.

A patent is obviously not confirmation of a real commercial product, and it seems that Sony's settled upon the PlayStation Move as the main input option for its first round of VR releases, but it's good to know that it's thinking about this, because few feelings are more powerful than seeing your own hands in a virtual world. Given that the entry fee for PlayStation VR is already likely to be expensive, we can't see it furthering this concept just yet. One for the future, though.

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