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Fallout 4's back in the headlines recently following the game's downloadable content reveal, and Bethesda creative director Todd Howard seems adamant to keep people talking about the studio's latest release. During his DICE talk last night, Howard teased a "secret" in Fallout 4 that, as far as he's aware, no one has discovered yet.

Howard dropped a hint in that it's something to do with a terminal in the game, but he didn't say much else. Given how detailed the role-playing title's post-apocalyptic world is, we suppose that this news isn't too surprising, especially since there are tons of Easter eggs hidden away within the release to begin with.

Still, we're sure that there are people digging through the game's files right now trying to uncover the truth. We'd love to boot the title up and go terminal hunting ourselves, but we made a promise to our loved ones that we wouldn't spend any more time on our 500 hour save until the DLC gets here.

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