Bloodborne is currently this author's Game of the Year, and unless the final episode of Life Is Strange is something truly special, it's unlikely to be bettered in your humble host's eyes. Still, we can't help but feel that Sony is being the teeniest bit presumptuous with Bloodborne: Game of the Year Edition – namely because it hasn't actually won anything yet.

Regardless, that's the title that the platform holder's settled upon for its repackaged release of the hit action role-playing game. The set – which is due out on 25th November in Europe – will include the base game in addition to its upcoming The Old Hunters expansion pack. There's no word on a price or a North American release just yet, but we expect both to be detailed in due time.

With lots of people expected to pick up a PlayStation 4 this Christmas, we reckon that this Ultimate Edition could snag plenty of sales over the holidays – after all, From Software's dark fantasy is still the highest rated exclusive available on Sony's new-gen machine. Plus, let's be honest, that box art is pretty bad ass.