witcher expansion 1.jpg

Ah, good old screenshots - the media that never fails to tease. As with any good pictures, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's latest snaps bring up a bunch of interesting questions as we attempt to decipher just what it is that they're showing us.

First on the agenda is a rather large amphibious creature that appears to be lurking around in some sort of sewer; it looks like it could be tricky to bring down given its large size. Next, we've got Geralt chatting to a familiar woman during what seems to be some sort of festival. If you've played the first game in the series, then you may be tempted to have a guess at who this is.

Onto the final shot, our gruff protagonist is being accosted by an inevitable bunch of ne'er-do-wells, one of whom could well be one of the add-on's main baddies. In any case, we doubt that they'll last long against Geralt's steel blade - when was the last time a group of normal human enemies gave you much trouble during your adventures? Well, okay, aside from the overpowered guardsmen, that is.

witcher expansion 2.jpg
witcher expansion 3.jpg

[source gematsu.com]