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Everyone in the entertainment industry is absolutely obsessed with trilogies, so it's no surprise to learn that Crystal Dynamics has three games mapped out for Tomb Raider's current story arc. Square Enix boss Phil Rogers let the snippet slip during an interview with GameSpot earlier today, describing Lara Croft's latest exploits as part of a "trilogy". Presumably it'll plot her full progression from meek and mild deer hunter right the way through to one-woman dinosaur slayer.

The good news for PlayStation fans is that it looks like the company's finally got the message regarding timed exclusivity. "We don't see this over time becoming an Xbox IP," he said of the brand. "This is a story and we'll look back over the Tomb Raider franchise and history, and it will be a chapter where it was a timed exclusive with Xbox." For those out of the loop, Rise of the Tomb Raider won't launch on the PlayStation 4 until next November, after Microsoft locked up the title this holiday.

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We're actually big fans of Tomb Raider's reboot, so as long as the developer has interesting stories to tell, then we'll gladly lap up more. Of course, it's going to be interesting to see just what the backroom deals concerning the latest instalment do to the series' long-term popularity; Lara Croft's an icon in Europe, but with Sony commanding a sizeable lead in the Old World, we're curious to see just how well the next entry fares. We suspect that there will be some regrets.