Tearaway Unfolded PS4 PlayStation 4 1
Tearaway Unfolded PS4 PlayStation 4 2

Life as a video games writer is rarely glamorous – but it's not normally as embarrassing as this. This morning Push Square Towers received a package from Sony, imploring us to shame ourselves in a squirrel costume. Never one to refuse a challenge, this author hopped straight into the luminous orange onesie and posed for a few photographs – for your entertainment, of course.

For those out of the loop, nutkins are a frequent presence throughout the Wassail Orchard in Media Molecule's underrated Tearaway game – and they look set to feature heavily in PlayStation 4 port Tearaway Unfolded judging by this uncomfortable attire. The platform holder also sent us a cardboard controller, which Sackboy was pretty eager to get his woolly paws on.