Crystal clear

Good news: Final Fantasy XV will definitely release on the PlayStation 4 in 2016. Bad news: you'll need to wait until March to find out exactly when. Speaking during the latest Active Time Report – which is being broadcast from PAX Prime in Seattle this time – game director Hajime Tabata confirmed the window, citing the title's disastrous Gamescom 2015 as the reason behind the clarification.

However, we won't know exactly when the title is set to launch until a major event in March, when publisher Square Enix plans to share more information. We already know that the game will be getting a worldwide release, so Holiday 2016 sounds like a pretty safe bet at this point. Then again, we have been waiting for this RPG for a decade, so things could quite easily change. In the meantime, expect more at Tokyo Game Show next month.

Spot of Push Square trivia for you: since the site's launch in 2009, we've written over 115 articles on this game. That's a whole lot of hot air.

[source News: Live: Watch the Latest Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report Right Here]