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"Everything we launch will be finished, polished and completed. When people hear Early Access they often think unfinished, unpolished and buggy. That's the opposite [to what we're doing]," IO Interactive's Hannes Seifert has told VideoGamer.com regarding the Hitman franchise's newest iteration.

The PlayStation 4 title has been on the receiving end of a bit of a backlash after it was revealed that the game would release in an unfinished state, with further content being added at a later date. Needless to say, the news made many theorise that the stealth-'em-up would be akin to an early access title, but Seifert disagrees entirely.

"I don't mind the actual word, I mind the associations that many people have with that, and we think that could drive people in the wrong mindset because that's not what we're going to do. It's going to be extremely polished," the studio head explained.

Now, we get what Seifert is saying - Hitman likely won't be a piece of trash when it launches - but if you have to go to such lengths to convey what your game actually is, then perhaps such a business model wasn't the best idea in the first place. As far as we're concerned, Square Enix would have been better off delaying the game into the new year and releasing it as a full retail title - at least then it wouldn't have to explain itself to try and shake off this negative press every other week.

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