It's been a log journey, but Dragon Ball XenoVerse's days of downloadable content are over. The final slice of DLC, which is free to season pass owners, is the Resurrection of F Pack. As its name suggests, the included content is based on the Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F movie, so if you're busy getting hyped up for its release, you're probably going to get the most out of this third and final offering.

Obviously, the big draw here is three new playable characters in the form of SSGSS Goku, SSGSS Vegeta, and the one and only Golden Frieza. Each new Dragon Ball fighter is a force to be reckoned with, and they all boast some extremely effective special skills based on their techniques from the newest film. Frieza in particular has some fantastic attacks that are both powerful and tough to avoid.


It's easy to forget that the DLC also features a bonus character, however. Jaco, from Jaco the Galactic Patrolman, is another of Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama's creations. Hailing from a comedic manga, Jaco's suitably funny in his mannerisms and usable skills, and overall, he's a thoughtful little bonus that fans will enjoy.

Moving on to the core of XenoVerse, the new DLC sadly doesn't feature any new time patrol missions. It's a bit of a shame, seeing as it would have been rather cool to see your custom character appear during scenarios taken from Resurrection of F, but for whatever reason, there's none of that here. Instead, we're given five new parallel quests, all of which are lengthy and unsurprisingly bombastic.


Whether you're tasked with taking down Golden Frieza and his armies, or smashing SSGSS Goku and the gang to bits, the new parallel quests are a good challenge, and they reward well. Indeed, you can nab some of those deadly skills that we mentioned earlier to equip to your own warrior, and combined with the game's most recent patch, which raises the level cap to 99, fans will have plenty of reasons to keep up the fight.

The Resurrection of F Pack is more of the same, but it'll seem like a booming finale for fans of XenoVerse. Concluding the game's planned DLC, it's a decently sized offering that rounds off the title's season pass rather nicely. Speaking of which, we think that, for fans of Dragon Ball, the pass has been well worth the initial investment, providing three good DLC packs that have each added extra spice to the already meaty brawler.

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