Dragon Ball XenoVerse's second slice of DLC carries on the Dragon Ball GT theme from the first pack, adding two new characters from the aforementioned animated series. As with GT Pack 1, however, GT Pack 2 isn't a simple character add-on – it's another bundle of XenoVerse content that expands the existing release with new skills, Z-Souls, and numerous new story and optional parallel quests.

This time around, the added plot is a continuation of the events that occurred in GT Pack 1, with a wormhole in history causing headaches for Trunks and your custom made Time Patroller. And again, like the previous DLC, these missions should be tackled after you've finished the game's main story, as they can be pretty challenging at points.


Two of your opponents during these quests will be the icy Eis Shenron and the fiery Nuova Shenron, two evil dragons born from the misuse of the property's titular Dragon Balls. Both of these winged foes can be troublesome enemies for multiple reasons. For starters, they're both highly mobile, meaning that they'll dodge and skip around attacks quite frequently. On top of that, they both have evasive moves that paralyse you on the spot, leaving you wide open for a deadly counter-attack. But of course, this just makes it all the sweeter when you eventually beat them down.

You can access the new story missions from a robot who's once again found on the stone path leading towards the Time Nest. The quests will probably take around 30 minutes or so to blitz through – perhaps even less for more advanced players – but what they lack in length, they make up for in entertainment. Without spoiling anything in particular, the brawls on offer provide some great match-ups that fans should really enjoy, pitting you against hordes of baddies while allying you with some of the strongest heroes in the Dragon Ball universe.


Meanwhile, the new parallel quests should keep you busy for a while. They're some of the most challenging tasks yet, but the rewards that they hold make it worth the trouble. Speaking of which, there are plenty of new skills to unlock and equip, and seasoned Time Patrollers will no doubt find a way to incorporate a few of them into their favourite movesets.

Moving away from the GT theme, the pack also includes playable versions of Mira and Towa, two of the main story's antagonists. Both are fun to use, with Mira cutting a powerful physical figure, and Towa boasting several rather devious super moves – but it's a bit of a shame that two personalities from the core release have been added through premium DLC.

Gripes aside, GT Pack 2 is another worthwhile investment for fans of XenoVerse. Admittedly, it's more of the same, but the DLC still provides a good excuse to jump back into the colourful brawler, and together with GT Pack 1, it's beginning to look like the title's season pass has been well worth the money.

Are you still enjoying Dragon Ball XenoVerse? Do you have any ridiculously overpowered moves to show us? Tell us if you're looking forward to Golden Frieza in the comments section below.