Dragon Ball XenoVerse's first DLC pack is out on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 in Europe today, and we've had a chance to kick around with its new playable characters, quests, skills, and equipment. Part of the title's season pass, the simply named GT Pack offers up more of the same for XenoVerse fans, but is that enough to make you cough up the cash?

If the name didn't already give it away, the DLC focusses on characters and plot points from the Dragon Ball GT anime. Adding GT Goku, Trunks, and Pan to the playable fighter roster, fans of the show will unsurprisingly appreciate the newcomers and their movesets, but it's the new time patrol missions and parallel quests that are the real meat of the GT Pack.

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Instead of talking to Trunks in the Time Nest, you'll have to chat to Culina, one of the Time Patrol's robots who's located just outside of the Vault. Your mechanical friend will, with your consent, drop you into a series of new mainline quests, which explore an alternate GT storyline that also manages to incorporate a bunch of returning Dragon Ball Z characters. Protectors of history beware, however, as even the enthusiastic Culina will warn you that you should probably finish up the base release's content before tackling these new missions.

All in all, it's a enjoyable end-game storyline, and it's certainly good enough to use as an excuse to jump back into XenoVerse if you've already seen out all of the content that the vanilla game has to offer. Needless to say, if the other upcoming DLC packs can retain this level of quality, fans should be more than happy with the value that the aforementioned season pass provides.

That said, the additional parallel quests aren't to be sniffed at, either. There are three in total, and the rewards for each range from new skills to some rather cool gear, including Mr. Popo's outfit - how could you possibly say no? And, as you'd expect, the new quests are playable online with others who have the GT Pack, too, so you can look forward to decimating Giant Ape Baby with your Budokai buddies.

Gt 3

It is worth mentioning, though, that you'll need to unlock all of the new gear via the download's included quests. This means that there'll be some grinding on the menu, but at least the experiences feel relatively fresh, especially if you've slogged through the base title's parallel missions countless times before. However, if there's a mountain of zeni burning a hole in your pocket, you'll be able to purchase some of the new stuff for a few hefty fees at Toki Toki City's marketplace.

XenoVerse's first foray into DLC is a success, then, sporting a decent amount of content, some great new equipment, and yet more time-questing goodness. Again, this is more of the same, but if you're already a fan of the release, we can't see how you could possibly go wrong.