"Just a Cheeky Vimto, please"

There are some games that are easy to describe – and others that aren't. VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action is one of those titles that's so downright bizarre that we don't even know where to start – but we'll try anyway. A self-described "booze-'em-up", this baffling PlayStation Vita title from Sukeban Games marries waifus with hard liquor, as your objective is to serve up cunning alcoholic concoctions in order to draw rants out of your depressed clients.

Gaming doesn't really come much more niche than this, but we suppose that that's the beauty of the industry in its current guise – you can jump from AAA blockbusters like Batman: Arkham Knight to bartending, and both totally have their place. This appears to be part visual novel, so a lot of the experience is going to depend upon the quality of the writing. Assuming that the team can nail that aspect, we'll certainly raise a glass to this peculiar portable release.

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