Super trooper

We're going to need to prepare some fresh Stars Wars puns, because EA will allow the first footage of the hotly anticipated Star Wars: Battlefront to fly (Han) Solo from 17th April. The video will be revealed from 10:30AM PT (18:30PM BST) as part of a panel at this month's Star Wars Celebration event. We hope that you like George Lucas' sci-fi series, because it's all that you're going to hear about for the rest of the year.

Details about the game are, to be honest, very thin on the ground – but we know that DICE's making it and that, in all likelihood, it'll resemble a Battlefield title with X-Wings and Tie-Fighters. As we mentioned yesterday, there are also rumours swirling that Sony's secured the co-marketing partnership on this one, so if that's true, you can probably expect custom consoles, controllers, and a never-ending slew of PlayStation Blog posts.