Crane to see you

Sony's third-party partnerships have been really fruitful so far this generation, and it looks like it'll be continuing that good run through 2015. Fresh from announcing Batman: Arkham Knight's slick silver format, the manufacturer's also deployed some footage from the PlayStation 4's forthcoming exclusive Scarecrow missions. They feature a skyscraper sized incarnation of the aforementioned antagonist.

"In the Scarecrow Nightmare you will be able to play three extra missions; as a solar eclipse plunges Gotham into darkness, you'll need all of the Batmobile's arsenal to face off against a monstrous 100ft Scarecrow and his army," the manufacturer explained on the PlayStation Blog. You'll also get first access to various skins for both the Dark Knight and his sleek sports car if you purchase the game on the PS4.

We're not overly keen on these DLC partnerships to be honest, but we've been pretty impressed by the brands that the Japanese giant has locked up so far. A little birdie tells us that Star Wars: Battlefront is next, too, but we haven't been able to track down a rock solid source. Still, if that's true...