We already know that Sony's been trying to make a Super Mario movie, but what we didn't previously know is that it wants to make a Super Smash Bros flick, too. Uncovered by Ars Technica as part of the Japanese giant's now infamous emails hack, there are multiple references to Nintendo's mascot mash-up, with the firm apparently making a "full court press" to secure the rights.

Hot shot producer Avi Arad – who was connected to the previous Sony Pictures rumours involving the aforementioned Italian plumber – seems to be the one trying to spearhead things, with mention of a Pokémon adaptation as well. Of course, Sony's no stranger to video game movies, with Uncharted, The Last of Us, and Metal Gear Solid flicks all supposedly in the pipeline. The big problem/good thing is that they never actually get made.

[source arstechnica.com, via vg247.com]