Finish the fight

Mortal Kombat X certainly hasn't suffered with the kinds of issues that were so common last year, but it hasn't exactly been smooth sailing either. Between leaderboards failing to load and frequent online updates, the franchise's fastest selling title has clearly come unstuck by all of the demand. Still, at least developer NetherRealm Studios is addressing the issues quickly.

Available for some now in North America – but not in Europe yet – v1.03 fixes various network sign-in issues on the PlayStation 4, while also addressing scoreboard problems. There's now an easier option for Easy Fatality transactions [Gross – Ed] as well, among other minor tweaks. Oh, and some are claiming that Jason Voorhees now shows up on the character select screen.

We're working with second hand information a little bit here as we've been unable to test the patch for ourselves – it's not out in these parts yet – but we will say that we've been quite impressed by the developer's ability to get these fixes out fast. In an ideal world, every game would work flawlessly at launch – but in a real one, it's nice when the issues are at least addressed promptly.

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