Project Morpheus PlayStation 4 PS4

Virtual reality faces many challenges, but one of the biggest problems that it has to overcome is the sense of isolation that the experience inherently demands. By putting on a headset, you're essentially shutting yourself off from the world – and with the PlayStation 4 built around living room experiences, that sounds somewhat rude.

However, platform holder Sony reckons that it's found a solution, by outputting the action to a television screen, too. "Our teams wanted to create social games not unlike something similar to what Nintendo is doing with the Wii U," said Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida. "One person might be wearing the headset, while another person might be participating, watching on the TV."

It's a decent idea, and it doesn't take long to dream up some ways in which this could be used. The person watching on the TV, for example, may be able to see slightly different things to the headset wearer, and so a game could require constant co-operative communication between the two parties in order to succeed.

The technology and general concepts definitely appear to be in place for Project Morpheus now, but the company's going to have its work cut out coming up with some truly compelling, hardware shifting software. It certainly had some neat tech demos on display at the Game Developers Conference this week, but, at the moment, it's unclear where that killer app is going to come from.