Magicka 2 7

Following news of Magicka 2 has been a real delight; the game's own brand of humour presents a breath of fresh air in the world of gaming news. After such a memorable E3 announcement trailer and its incredibly catchy sing along contest, we didn't expect the next in the title's line-up of comedic videos to be any different. It isn't all fun and games, however, as it also reveals a 26th May launch date for the PS4.

The video itself embedded below does share an unremarkable resemblance to a particularly famous show also looming just around the corner. With the fantasy co-op gameplay that accidentally turns vicious due to the lack of friendly fire, we can say that this comparison is pretty much spot on. It does reveal that there will be a new campaign, challenge mode, and, supposedly, game changing artifacts to look forward to, too. We do hope that the developer takes time out from its busy comedy jaunt to show some more gameplay before launch, though.

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