Retro goodness

While E3 was brimming with more gaming goodness than you could fit into a picnic hamper, a trailer that left a lasting impression on this writer was the announcement of Magicka 2 on the PlayStation 4. Not only did it mock its own character's unemployment since the original title, but also the downsides of its iconic friendly fire system. While the game isn't ready to be shown off right now, publisher Paradox still wants you to get singing about it with a good old karaoke competition – and a copy of the game is up for grabs.

The 80s inspired disco tune is accompanied by the equally nostalgic and cheesy video embedded below. While we could provide more information, it would be cruel to ruin the surprise. If you want to bag some goodies singing along, visit the contest page to start creating your own version of the catchy tune. Now, if you'll excuse us, this author needs to hit the repeat button.