Ratchet & Clank Movie 1

It's going to be really interesting to see how Sony handles the Ratchet & Clank Movie, as we reckon that the platform holder could have a hit on its hands. No, the organisation's furry hero isn't a household name – but he certainly has the potential to be one if handled with the appropriate care and attention.

Fortunately, it sounds like the manufacturer's preparing for the Lombax's silver screen debut. Hot on the heels of Insomniac Games' teasing, the flick's Facebook page has now updated with rumblings of a release date. "We hope to announce our release date soon," a spokesperson wrote. "Thanks for your patience on that."

In fact, it sounds like the film's finished, as creators Rainmaker and Blockade Entertainment have been busy holding test screenings in Los Angeles. "The test screenings went great this weekend," added the social media message. "Always a positive sign when the whole audience applauds at the end – on both screenings."

Meanwhile, Insomniac Games has been inviting fans to another showing on its forums, so hopefully we'll get a big blowout soon. The developer originally pegged its PlayStation 4 reimagining of the franchise's inaugural entry for the first half of 2015, so maybe the movie and game will still make it out over the next couple of months. Fingers crossed, eh?

[ Thanks Pierre Gorry ]

[source facebook.com]