The rollercoaster otherwise known as oft-delayed PlayStation exclusive The Last Guardian rides another day, as a SCEE representative has told that the hotly anticipated Team ICO title is still in production. This follows a report yesterday which suggested that the platform holder had abandoned the release's trademark.

Of course, there are any number of reasons for this; the name could have changed, for example, or perhaps the platform holder's waiting for the title to be re-announced before renewing its rights to the brand. Regardless, the word coming out of the Japanese giant is that the project is very much still in production, and it's almost certainly a PlayStation 4 title these days.

However, these constant promises are starting to grate. We can understand the organisation's reluctance to show the title if it's still not ready for primetime, but fans that have been waiting almost a decade for the foray probably need more than words to keep their hype alive these days. Perhaps we'll see something at E3?