Ratchet & Clank PS4 PlayStation 4 1
"This could be a problem"

Insomniac Games is running test screenings for the Ratchet & Clank Movie in Los Angeles this weekend, and it's Tweeted out some new artwork from the forthcoming flick in order to celebrate. In the snaps, we get our first look at Chairman Drek, who fans will recognise as the main villain from the franchise's inaugural outing. He looks similar to his PlayStation 2 counterpart – complete with pointed head and bushy eyebrows – so it certainly seems like the series' silver screen debut will remain loyal to the original games.

Even better news comes courtesy of community manager James Stevenson, who wrote on NeoGAF that its PlayStation 4 reimagining of the property's original escapade is making great progress. "It's further along than you may think," he told a fan who suggested that the game may yet be a way away. "[We'll have] more on that in the not too distant future as well – it's gorgeous." We all assumed that the title would be formally unveiled at PlayStation Experience last December, but maybe we'll see it at GDC next month.

Either way, we suspect that this is going to be one of those games that's announced in a virtually finished state – after all, the last that we heard is that the title's due out in the first half of 2015, so it could merely be months away.

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