While this author was happily tucked up in bed, our friends over at Pure Xbox were playing games. Given the kinds of unorthodox hours that editor Ken Barnes keeps, we suppose that that's not so unusual – but the twist this time is that the guys and gals in green are doing it all for charity. This is all part of Game Blast 15, which is currently raising money for Special Effect.

The crazy thing is that the site's doing 48 hours of non-stop streaming, which is a herculean effort as far as we're concerned. It's also promising plenty of giveaways, so if you happen to own a non-PlayStation platform, you may want to point your peepers over to the Twitch stream through here. There's a schedule and more information on Pure Xbox, or you can just jump straight through to the site's Just Giving page.

Good luck, y'all – may your eyes be red and bleary in the name of charity!

[source purexbox.com]