PlayStation 4 PS4 Firmware Updates

It's been months since PlayStation 4 firmware update v2.00 added some significant features – and bugs – to Sony's next-gen system. Since then, we've had several stability updates, but nothing particularly meaty to sink our teeth into. And this is starting to get frustrating, as the format is still missing key features, such as DLNA, Suspend/Resume, and more. We penned a list of tweaks that we'd like to see earlier in the year.

Fortunately, hot on the heels of this week's uneventful PS4 firmware update v2.04, the platform holder has hinted that fresh system software is on the way – even if it doesn't have any specific details to share just yet. "I haven't got any news for you today," said SCEE's Fred Dutton on the European PlayStation Blog, "but the next update is not too far out. We'll update you as soon as possible."

It's time to update that wishlist, then. What do you most want to see added to the PS4 in the near future? Is the Japanese giant being too slow in this department? Rant, rave, and reveal your inner desires in the comments section below.