Dying Light PS4 PlayStation 4 Trophy Trophies Glitches Bugs

No Techland title is complete without some big bugs, and while Dying Light is a lot more polished than some of the Polish studio's previous products, it's still got some major issues of note. Most of these apply to the Trophies, with a handful of these being glitched. A post on the developer's official forums notes that the trinket which requires you to complete all of the game's side-quests doesn't currently ping, putting the Platinum out of reach. A quick look on Trophy tracking site PSNProfiles.com confirms that this is the case.

Worryingly, though, it seems that there are a dozen other gongs in the undead-'em-up's cabinet which are borderline broken. A significant portion of players are having problems with the collectibles, which require a serious amount of effort to snag. Similarly, unlocking all of the quarantine zones appears to be an issue, too. Fortunately, community manager Michał Napora says that the studio's actively examining these bugs as we type. "I have gathered this list and sent it to our developers to look into," he said.

Are you having problems unlocking Dying Light's remaining Trophies? Which trinkets are you stuck on? Vent your frustration in the comments section below.

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