Freedom Wars Vita PlayStation 1

Those of you with strong memories may remember that Sony teased a grand finale for its Freedom Wars-themed Sinners Festival in Japan this week. Attendees at the event were encouraged to keep an eye out at 18:00PM local time, when something exciting would happen. Our thoughts leapt to some form of enhanced re-release – but it turned out to be a prize draw for those in the audience. This is the cruel reality of hype, folks.

According to reports coming out of the region, the developer did mention that it's working on a new project involving the Propaganda Idols. Very little information was shared, and it's not even clear whether this is a game or something else entirely. Oh, and if you're wondering what on Earth the aforementioned dance troupe has to do with the title, well, apparently they were used as part of some kind of advertisement for the release overseas.


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