There’s been a niggling rumour regarding the possibility of a PlayStation Vita version of inFAMOUS for months and months now, but game director Nate Fox may have inadvertently strengthened that speculation during an interview with DualShockers TV. Asked about a handheld instalment of the superhero series as part of a question and answer at GamesCom, the Sucker Punch man got fairly flustered, even cringing as he appeared to accidentally indicate that a portable title’s in production.

“Right now we’re only talking about the PS4 game,” he said, grimacing. “I would love to talk you about any Vita related titles when – or, er, if the time comes.”

Of course, it’s not a confirmation by any stretch. However, immediately after he’s finished talking, Fox wears the face of a man who’s just said something that he shouldn’t – and we don't think that we're reading too much into it. There’s a definite insinuation from the developer that something is in the pipeline for the handheld, which is only going to fuel the aforementioned rumours. Would you like to test your superhero skills on the move? Let us know in the comments section below.

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