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Ermac may have started life as a mere Mortal Kombat bug, but he's very much a fully fleshed out fighter these days – and will be making his triumphant return in the forthcoming Mortal Kombat X on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. As promised, developer NetherRealm Studios announced the character as part of a livestream overnight, which followed the official confirmation of Reptile earlier in the week.

As with previous editions, the psychokinetic combatant will come with a variety of telekinetic grab and teleportation-based attacks; however, as with all of the other characters in this instalment, he'll have three different variations. One will see him using projectiles which hover around his body, while another will give him advanced telekinesis attacks. The last will allow him to temporarily fly, but this will come at a cost, because he won't be able to block.

Of course, he'll also have a fair few fatalities, including one which will see him rip off his opponent's head – and insert it back into their neck. During the broadcast, community specialist Tyler Lansdown hinted that there'd be another kind of 'ality' in the game – but he wouldn't be drawn on specifics. All will be revealed when the release fights its way into stores in April.