PlayStation 4 Cover 1

Sony may not have intended for the PlayStation 4’s hard drive cover to be customisable, but it’s cottoned onto the fact that people are using the removable face plate to personalise their platform, and has started to run its own line of custom concealers. However, while those are neat, these transparent ones from Cyber Gadget truly take the biscuit.

Spotted by DualShockers in Japan, the accessories allow you to get a glimpse at the inner-mechanics of your system, without leaving it open to catch dust. Those of you old enough to grow up in the 90s will remember that see-through electronics were once all the rage, but have gone out of fashion in recent times. We’ve absolutely no idea why.

Sadly, you can’t buy these in the West just yet, but some stockists are shipping them overseas, so feel free to fill your boots if you want to make your next-gen console a little cooler. What kind of cover would you like for your PS4? Open up in the comments section below.