The Order: 1886 PS4

Even though it’s mere months away, we still haven’t really seen enough of The Order: 1886 to draw any firm conclusions about the game. We can be sure, however, that the title’s built upon an amazing foundation – and this brand new European commercial for the PlayStation 4 exclusive reiterates as much.

While the clip is apparently not taken from the title – Ready at Dawn founder Andrea Pessino reckons that the final release looks better – it does hint at the historical escapade’s horror sections, as it slowly pans out of a decimated police station, which is littered with the remains of a Lycan’s latest feast.

We reckon that the advertisement is pretty neat, but it seems strange for Sony to go off and make a CG mood piece – especially when the actual game looks so darn good. Then again, the marketing strategy for this title thus far has been all over the place – we just hope that it comes together in time for the foray’s February launch.

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