"I said no treble"

As our very own Graham Banas will inform you, there’s more to a game’s presentation than its looks. Sound is something that often goes underappreciated in this visual driven industry, but it’s the glue that holds everything together. Seeing as The Order: 1886 is aiming to be the complete cinematic experience, then, its audio is enormously important.

Fortunately, it looks like developer Ready at Dawn is going to deliver in that arena. It’s recruited Jason Graves of Dead Space fame to produce its music – but Journey composer Austin Wintory has also lent a helping hand. In the behind-the-scenes video embedded below, the talented musician explains that he opted to forgo bright instruments, in order to give the historical release a foreboding sound.

The score’s been recorded at Abbey Road, but the team intentionally used the studio’s second, smaller room in order to maintain the music’s claustrophobic vibe. To be honest, all of these bass elements sound like an absolute nightmare to mix, but the samples scattered throughout the clip are amazing, so we have high hopes for this.

[source blog.us.playstation.com]