Grand Theft Auto V PS4

The year of the re-release has turned into an inevitable reality. This smug editor predicted that we’d be seeing plenty of ports during the PlayStation 4’s first year on store shelves, and between Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, Metro: Redux, Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition, and more, that’s exactly what we’ve got. Aside from irritating video editor Ben Potter with their terrible subtitles, though, these well regarded remakes have comprised some of the best experiences available on Sony's new console thus far, with The Last of Us: Remastered currently the highest rated title on the super machine – and a certain green suited space marine likely to occupy a similar spot on an alternative appliance soon.

And by the time that we’re all merrily singing Auld Lang Syne, we’d be shocked if a certain other high-profile re-release wasn’t sitting atop Metacritic’s top games of 2014 list. Fashionably late as always, Rockstar Games has waited until this week to detail its forthcoming PS4 port of Grand Theft Auto V – and it’s actually looking exceptional. Equipped with a first-person mode – which happens to be a fully fleshed out feature, rather than a simple throwaway addition – as well as dozens of different types of wildlife, fresh visual effects, and more, it’s clear that the organisation has invested a fair few ounces of effort into this next-gen update.

Is that enough, though? With circumstances colluding to leave us feature-less this evening, we’re falling on an old favourite: a simple poll designed to pick your brains about the revered re-release. Have you decided to rub shoulders with the lousy low lives of Los Santos again, and what’s prompted you to double dip on the open world game? Did you fall in love with it on the PlayStation 3, for example, and are you already longing to experience it again? Or did you skip on the sandbox first time around, and have finally been convinced to give it a go? Don't worry if you’re skipping the title either, because we’d like to know why – and what the developer would need to do to get you on board?

As always, place your votes in our poll, and then drop into the comments section to share your thoughts in more detail. Oh, and if anyone dares to ask if it’s a ‘slow news day’, we’ll get Michael, Trevor, and Franklin on your ass. No one wants that.

Will you be buying Grand Theft Auto V on PS4? (108 votes)

  1. Hell yeah, I need my dose of next-gen hijacking action65%
  2. Honestly, I still haven’t decided13%
  3. No way, I’ll be avoiding this remaster like the plague22%

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Why are you buying the game? (103 votes)

  1. I enjoyed it so much first time that I want to play it again37%
  2. I want to see the pretty upgraded pixels in person12%
  3. I just can’t get enough of Cara Delevingne’s accent1%
  4. I like the sound of the PS4 exclusive extras for upgraders3%
  5. I’m the only person on the planet that didn’t play it on PS326%
  6. Duh, are you deaf? I just said, I’m not buying it21%

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