Remember when cheat codes were all the rage? We used to enjoy flipping through those free books that came with magazines, pondering how we could get even more life out of our collection of games. Unfortunately, since the advent of the PlayStation 3, this archaic inclusion seems to have gone out of fashion a little – but Grand Theft Auto V ain’t afraid to turn back the clocks.

In addition to a slew of entertaining inputs included in the last-gen release, the new PlayStation 4 edition comes with a bunch of game enhancing extras. These include cell phone cheats, which allow you to dial numbers using your in-game mobile to engage in some exciting gameplay sequences. The first of these sees you freefalling from the sky for no apparent reason.

To do this, all you need to do is dial the number 1-999-SKY-FALL (or 1-999-759-3255), and your character will instantly be dropped out of the air without a parachute. The cheat only works in single player, so sadly you won’t be able to take this one online. Those iFruits are pretty nifty devices, though, huh?

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