Sony Ps4 Revealed November

That's right, its time for some more mindboggling PlayStation 4 sales numbers. This time they come courtesy of Michael Ephraim, the head of SCE Australia. "We have been truly humbled by the incredible response to the PS4 from Australian gamers," the big-wig said at a recent press event. "It is my pleasure to announce today that the PS4 is the fastest selling home video games console in Australian history." Considering the system's stellar sales in the region, this should hardly come as a surprise – but it's a very impressive statistic nonetheless.

Ephraim chalks this success up to the Japanese giant's clear and consistent plan for the console, stating: "Since the PS4 announcement, we never wavered from our vision of creating a system that is gamer focused and developer inspired." However, he was quick to reiterate that the company isn't about to rest on its laurels. "Our eyes are firmly set on the future and continuing to deliver on the promises we have made to our players," he continued.

What do you make of Ephraim's comments? Does this staggering statistic surprise you? Let us know in the comments section below.