Xl Sony PS3 Super Slim Ports F

When they're not busy wrestling with a monstrous menagerie of dangerous native animals, or working endlessly long hours to help fund their cripplingly expensive hobby, it seems that the majority of Australian gamers choose to spend their precious spare time with a DualShock controller in hand. According to newly released NPD data, Sony's two home console offerings take pride of place in an overwhelmingly large number of Aussie homes.

Impressively, the Japanese giant's games division was the "most valuable interactive entertainment brand" in the country last year, marking the third year in a row that the company has taken this honour. What's more, a timely shipment of PS4s means that the next-gen system has swiftly overtaken the Xbox One in terms of raw sales.

Arguably most impressive of all, though, is the news that the PlayStation 3 was yet again the top selling home console in the country. That's right, even after all of these years, Sony's ageing console still reigns supreme down under. SCE Australia boss Michael Ephraim seemed pretty chuffed with these numbers, stating: "For the PS3 to perform so well, nearly seven years after its launch, is testament to the features, entertainment services, and quality gaming titles delivered throughout its lifecycle and in 2013.”

What do you make of these NPD results? Can our Australian readers confirm their country's purported allegiance to the platform holder? Punch a kangaroo in the comments section below.

[source vg247.com]