Cough up

Keiji Inafune and crew must be laughing all the way to the bank, as another round of crowdfunding has been revealed for Comcept’s upcoming Mega Man-inspired Mighty No. 9. Clearly not content with the $3.8 million that it accrued for the main game, as well as the $100,000 post-campaign funds that it secured for full English voice acting, it’s now launched a third funding drive for some DLC. Talk about cheek, huh?

The firm’s currently asking for an additional $190,000 from what it refers to as ‘slacker backers’ to add an additional boss battle to the game. To be fair, as far as we can tell, if the money is raised by the end of the year, then all existing funders will get access to the additional content for free. Moreover, the organisation has outlined exactly where the money will be spent, and stressed that work won’t begin on the DLC until after the main game is finished.

Still, while we can’t condemn the company for cottoning on to the fact that it’s essentially created a cash cow here, we can’t say that we like the idea of the organisation crowdfunding DLC for a crowdfunded game. Here’s a novel idea: why not finish the title, release it, and, if it sells well, use some of your profits to make this extra character? We guess that that would be too much like high risk.