Mighty No. 9 is one of the biggest video game success stories on Kickstarter since the crowd funding website was conceived. Originally coveting $900,000, the Mega Man-esque side-scroller eventually went on to raise a whopping $3.8 million after almost 70,000 backers contributed to its cause. It seems that quadrupling its target wasn’t enough, though, as developer Comcept is now seeking more finances for the release.

According to the studio, this second funding drive is designed to give ‘slacker backers’ an opportunity to contribute to the release, and is not being used to prop up content already planned for the game. Instead, it’s being employed for bonuses such as, er, English voice acting, which will be implemented should a $100,000 stretch goal be attained. We don’t know about you, but that sounds more like an essential, rather than an extra.

Nevertheless, if you do fancy pre-ordering the game early – which is what this more or less boils down to – and contributing towards its development, you can find out more information through here. Price options range from $23.00 all the way up to $80.00, with the latter tier netting you access to the game’s Steam beta for Windows. Oh, and just as an aside – that Mighty No. 9 animated series that’s just been announced has, ahem, absolutely nothing to do with this latest funding drive...

[source mightyno9.com, via psu.com]