Lots of love

Sony’s sold a serious number of PlayStation 4 consoles since the system’s launch in November last year – a respectable 10 million units to be precise – but it’s had a free run at the market in many regions. While the Xbox One is already available in key countries such as the USA and the UK, it’s only just arrived in some of the territories that Microsoft itself described as "Tier 2". So, how is the Japanese giant greeting its new competitor?

Well, over in Belgium, the platform holder posted a simple welcome message, using the DualShock’s famous face buttons to send some hugs and kisses in Redmond’s direction. PlayStation Denmark took its introduction a little further, though, shooting a two minute trailer in which a couple of hooded delinquents spray paint a hello on a big blue banner and hang it outside of Microsoft’s regional offices. Of course, the clip’s polished off with an obligatory spot of dubstep.

Welcome to the game, and all that.

[source twitter.com, via youtube.com]