Sony’s current flock of flagship formats are selling pretty strongly, if a new promotional video released by the platform holder is any indication. In the corporate clip – which focuses on the firm’s line of licensed peripherals and accessories – the company claims that combined sales of the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita have surpassed 100 million units globally.

While the sum is obviously included to tempt manufacturers into supporting its portfolio of hardware products, the snippet is interesting – especially considering that the organisation hasn’t been overly vocal about its sales numbers of late. The last we heard, the PS4 had moved seven million units worldwide, and the PS3 approximately 80 million.

It’s probably safe to assume that the former is nearing nine million these days, while the latter is almost certainly at about 84 million. That means that, based solely on our rough and speculative calculations, the Vita is probably hovering around the seven million mark. The handheld recently crossed the three million milestone in Japan, but has struggled a little overseas.

Still, given that the last official worldwide figures that we got for the Vita pegged it at about four million in early 2013, that seems like quite a reasonable increase for the portable machine. There’s also a possibility that our guesses are miles off the mark, so don’t take them as fact. How many units do you think that Sony’s various systems have sold? Do the maths in the comments section below.

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