When he's not taking buckets of icy water to the head, Kazuo Hirai is fulfilling the presumably important role of Sony CEO. In a recent interview, the gaffer spoke about the PlayStation 4's remarkable success. What's more, the big-wig stated that the company learned a lot from the PlayStation 3, and that it has carried these lessons over onto the new platform. In particular, he noted the firm's desire to make the box truly social.

Despite this mostly cheery message, Hirai was quick to reiterate that the Japanese giant is intently focused on pushing the console in its home country, noting 44 pieces of software launching there by the end of the year. If the slightly lacklustre chart performance of the system in that region is anything to go by, we reckon that this is a sound strategy.

What do you make of Kazuo Hirai's comments? Do you think that a renewed focus on the Japanese market and a continued push of the PS4 as a social system are the way to go? Let us know in the comments section below.