Minecraft PS4 Logo

Minecraft may be one of the biggest video game properties of the last decade, but it certainly took its time in coming to PlayStation platforms. Today marks its release on the PlayStation 4, and with its arrival, questions have begun popping up all over the web as Sony-only gamers search for answers regarding the blocky adventure. If you're looking for an explanation on what Minecraft is exactly, feel free to have a read of our review of the PlayStation 3 Edition, but if you're just wanting to know what's new in this next-gen version, we've written this hopefully handy little guide to the game's three biggest additions.

Minecraft World

The world is 36 times bigger on PS4

We all like throwing big numbers around in order to impress people, but the fact that the PS4 Edition of Minecraft features a world that's 36 times bigger than its PS3 counterpart is one of the port's biggest selling points. A larger world means more adventure, and with Mojang's block-'em-up, that's an all-important part of the experience. Minecraft is all about creating your own fun, whether you're crafting, exploring, or slaying evil beasties, and being able to traverse a far bigger environment means that there'll be more opportunities for crazy escapades than ever before.

Dualshock 4 Touchpad

Use the touchpad for easier inventory access

Much like Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, you can use the DualShock 4's touchpad as mouse pointer in Minecraft's PS4 Edition. This means that sorting through your gear should be a heck of a lot easier thanks to the unrestricted movement that such an interface provides. Not only that, but crafting should be a lot simpler now, too, as you click and drag components instead of having to rummage through multiple menus to find what it is that you need. There's no doubt that the touch controls will take a little getting used to, but with practice, it should prove to be a much faster alternative to fumbling with the controller's face buttons.

Minecraft Adventure

Capture your adventures with the Share button

Arguably the best thing about Minecraft is all the unplanned and weird misadventures that you'll get yourself into. You might be off scouring the wilderness for some materials, only to come across a delicious looking pig who then leads you on a bizarre hunting trip, before stumbling upon a dark cave that's home to some depressingly deadly monsters, and then when you're running for your life, you'll realise it's night time and go hide in a nearby tree until the sun comes up. Because the world and its inhabitants are randomly generated, almost anything can happen, which makes the PS4's Share button a perfect fit when it comes to capturing all of those unbelievable moments.

Are you a Minecraft fanatic? Have you already snatched the game from the PS4's digital store? Share your craziest tales in the comments below.